Program Procedures

Before the Opening

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Student Portal

48 hours after enrollment, students will receive an invitation e-mail to create their ID credentials and to visit the Welcome to IE website (for enrollments over 3 months before the start of the program) or the Student Portal (for enrollments 3 months or less before the start of the program).

Students who enroll more than 3 months before the start of the program will receive an invitation to access the Student Portal 90 days before the program starts. The credentials to access the Student Portal will be the same as the credentials used to access the Welcome to IE site (Watch this 15-minute video for more information about Welcome to IE).

In the Student Portal, students will find the start module, a section containing information they need to know before the start of the program. It will be available a month after the start of the program.

See the document “Student Portal” (available in the “Download Forms” section below) to make sure that your student guide is properly set up to work with the portal.

Blackboard Ultra

This link will take you to the Blackboard Ultra Help page, where you can find instructions on how to create and edit different types of content on Blackboard Ultra.

Student Guide

The Student Guide is a website with relevant information for the students that will soon start studying their Master’s degree at IE. In it, students can find information about the program, academic policies, both the online and the physical campuses, the ethics code, etc.

Access to the Student Guide will be provided through the previously mentioned Start Module inside the Student Portal. One link forwards them to the Student Guide homepage, while the other two redirect to the Student Services page and the Pre-programs page inside the guide.

In order to access the Pre-Programs, students must go to BB Ultra and click on the Pre-program syllabus. There they will find the link to access the multimedia content.

Students can also find a direct access to the Student Guide on the top menu of the Student Portal alongside other services like: grades, room booking, service desk, certificates, etc.

Instructions to make the Student Guide visible in the Sudent Portal

Student Portal’s corresponding section.

The Student Guide has two URLs:

  • One for students and editors access (but the content can only be modified when using the editor’s password to enter).
  • The administrator’s link (used for IT purposes).

The ending of the URL of the following sections of the Student Guide must be the same for all schools, so that they can be linked correctly to the Student Portal’s corresponding section.

Student Services:

  • EN:
  • ES:


  • EN:
  • ES:

Program Opening (must include Opening Ceremony and Opening Week info):

  • EN:
  • ES:

Instructions to request a new site template

In order to request a new site template, we need to open a ticket on

The route that we have to follow is: Service Catalogs / Corporate Applications / Request New Student Guide: 

If you request between one and three clones of a site, these will be available in two weeks. For each extra site that you request (additionally to the first three), there is an added waiting time of one week.

In case of doubts or system failure, you must contact:

Daniel Núñez:

Rafael González:


Guidelines for the creation of pre-programs on Blackboard Ultra.

Online Tools Workshop (OTW)

Adjunct Faculty Office manages the Online Tools Workshop. Students can access the OTW through the Student Portal. You can check which students have completed the workshop on the dashboard:

User name:

The students can access the OTW by clicking on the following links that must be sent out by program management based on the format of the program:

Live-in person progams using Zoom, must send their students the last link, along with the guide (“Student Guide Zoom English”) that can be found in the “Download Forms” section below.

Section and Workgroup Creation

There is a web-based solution called ieOpti 2.0 which aim to create workgroups of students following a set of prespecified criteria. More specifically, given a group of students and their attributes (commonly used attributes include gender, nationality, age, degree and GPA), the software uses a state-of-the-art proprietary algorithm to create groups that are as diverse as possible.

The platform can be accessed by clicking on this link, and the user’s guide is available here. Click here to access a video tutorial on how to create groups.

Each department/program has a key user that can grant an access to other team members. If you are not sure who the person is, please contact IT department.

Questions about the software can be directed at Program Operations at

Download Forms

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