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Is there an infirmary at IE?

Yes. There are several locations:

  • MarĂ­a de Molina, 31-Bis, 3rd floor.
  • IE Tower. Basement floor -3.
  • Segovia Campus. Ground floor.
What to do in case of a health emergency:

In case of a health emergency at IE Campus there are some action protocols that must be followed. You will find this information in detail in the downloadable documents below, which are:

  • “Procedimiento en Caso de Emergencia”: it details how to know if a person is at a vital risk and how to proceed.
  • “GuĂ­a de Primeros Auxilios”: this guide for nonhealth personnel explains what to do in case of an incident.
  • “Hoja de Registro de Accidentes”: all incidents within IE Campus outside of the infirmary hours must be recorded.
  • “Hoja de Registro de Accidentes en Piscina”: its purpose is to have an accident record.


What to do if a student’s e-mail address did not switch to an alumni e-mail address after graduation?

In this case, the alumnus needs to contact the Alumni department.

Virtual Registrar’s Office

This platform allows students and alumni from Bachelor, Master (in this case only alumni) and Doctorate courses to channel all their requests for academic certificates, official degrees and other procedures managed from the Registrar’s Office.

By using this platform:

  1. Outlook disappears as a certificate sending tool.
  2. Gateways are implemented to allow the payment of fees through credit/debit card (thus avoiding bank transfers).
  3. Communications with students and alumni are automated.

The link to access the portal is and the section is “Virtual Registrar’s Office” (only students and alumni accounts have access to the platform; not staff accounts).

Another option to access the platform is through the Registrar’s Office website

Options for Collaboration

Who can students/alumni contact if they want to write a business case?

Business cases must be co-authored with IE professors. Alumni must reach out to an appropriate professor that specializes in the subject area that the case covers and work in collaboration to develop the case + teaching notes so it can be used in programs.

The professor must contact the publishing department to organize the next steps and have a person assigned to guide them along the process.

Can alumni teach at IE?

The interested person must send the resume to:

They will review the profile and share it with the Area Director. In case there is an opportunity, they will be contacted.

Are there opportunities to volunteer for students and alumni?

Yes. There are different opportunities for students and alumni to volunteer around the globe. To see all the areas at a glance click below if you are interested to read about a specific topic:

Who is the contact person to offer a master class/conference for another program?

In this case, you need to contact the Program Director.

How do I organize a company visit?

In this case, you need to contact the Program Director.

If a student has a business idea and would like to find business partners through IE, who can he/she contact?

He/she needs to contact Annick Janssens (

Offers & Discounts

Who is the contact person for a business interested in offering discounts for the IE community?

The contact person is Carmen Diez (Control Management and Partnerships), who can be contacted via e-mail:

Where do I find a list of discounts available for IE students/alumni?

There’s a website called IE Perks, where students can find discounts available to them. It can also be accessed through the Resources & Services section of the student portal.

Events & Extracurricular Activities

How do I organize a special event (cocktail, dinner, etc.) for students?

In this case, you need to contact the Program Director.

Diplomas, Transcripts & Certificates

Who can provide information about the status of a student’s official diploma?

Contact IE University Diplomas (

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