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Process for Master Programs

Process for Masters

The process is as follows:

  1. Program Experience asks the student to present a request in writing including the reasons to ask for the withdrawal/transfer.
  2. Program Experience sends the request to The email must include the amount of sessions consumed until that moment over the total number of sessions in the program.
  3. If the withdrawal/transfer request has been approved, Program Experience sends the student the deferral letter, including all the withdrawal details (pending payment, courses validation, etc.) for him/her to sign.
  4. Once the student has signed the deferral letter, Program Experience informs the internal stakeholders concerned.
  5. Program Experience creates an incidence ticket to carry out the withdrawal/transfer.
  6. Once the student is enrolled in the new program/intake, Program Experience informs Program Operations Department ( about the courses that can be validated from one intake to the new one, as well as relevant timeline, i.e., when the courses can be validated according to the new program/intake timeflow.
  7. Program Operations Department carries out the courses validation according to the timeline specified by Program Experience.
  8. Program Operations Team is in charge of the grades publication.
  9. Program Operations Department informs Program Experience once the courses validations are carried out and included in Atenea as well as when the grades (if applicable) are published.

Withdrawals can be

  1. Permanent withdrawal.
  2. Withdrawal from one intake to another (same program, same language track).
  3. Withdrawal from one intake to another (same program, different language track).
  4. Withdrawal from one program to another.

Relevant information

  • Contact in Francisco Ciudad, Associate Director, Institutional Information,
  • Administration Department deals with any payment issue concerned (not the withdrawal Committee).

You can find more information about the types of withdrawals and its own processes here

Withdrawal from a Dual Degree

Withdrawal from a Dual Degree

IE will consider the academic withdrawal from a Dual Degree program—and subsequent rejoining of the first academic program–of those students who have a personal reason for the withdrawal and can adequately justify it by means of certificates and/or appropriate supporting documents.

Program Experience Innovation and the corresponding Program Experience team member (Program Champion or Executive Director) will talk with the student about their reasons for leaving and request them to present their reasons in writing to, explaining them and including any corresponding documentation (if applicable).

Program Experience Innovation will then forward the student’s letter to the Withdrawals Committee, requesting the voluntary withdrawal and desire to return to the first program of the Dual Degree (if applicable), along with the following additional documentation:

  • Letter requesting the change, provided by the student.
  • How much of the first (and second, if applicable) program of the Dual Degree was completed (number of sessions completed out of total number of sessions of the program).

The procedure applicable in cases of voluntary withdrawal from a Dual Degree establishes the transfer of enrollment to the current or within the next two intakes, depending on timing and the approval of the first program team leadership.

If a student cannot join the current intake, they must request to join a future intake at least three months before the start of the intake, in writing to the program team and the Senior Manager of Admissions & Enrollment.

The decision will be communicated to the student through a letter signed by the President of the Committee but will always be sent from Program Experience Innovation, with the corresponding program team(s) in copy.

If the student agrees to the terms, the letter must be signed and returned to Program Experience Innovation by e-mail. If the student does not agree with the terms, they should request a meeting with Program Experience Innovation to discuss the concerns.

Official Internal Communication in Case of a Voluntary Leave

48 hours after the approval of the voluntary leave by the Withdrawals Committee and the signed acceptance by the student, Program Experience Innovation will send an e-mail to confirm the withdrawal to the following individuals:

To: Financial Aid (Hanna Moroz); Admissions (Maite Urraca and; Careers (Beatriz García-Bernalt); Alumni (; Library (Belén Real); Administration (Mónica Aragonés and John Jairo); IE Foundation (; Student Experience; Registrar’s Office (Efrain Santana).

CC: Dean of Academic Affairs (Antonio de Castro); Executive Director of both program in the DD; Withdrawals Committee (Francisco Ciudad and Javier López); Business School Program Operations (Louise Amoedo); Finance (Jaime Pascual); Program Experience Innovation (

Shared folder, Operations: to comply with the accreditors’ requirements, record the withdrawal with all relevant data in the folder.

Typical economic consequences:

  • The amount paid by the student will be applied to the selected intake.
  • If planning to rejoin one of the later intakes, the student must pay any price difference between intakes.
  • The student forfeits the place reservation fee paid for the second program of the Dual Degree.
  • The student also forfeits the scholarship associated with the Dual Degree.
  • If applicable, students will need to reapply for a scholarship.
  • Students must pay any outstanding amounts before joining the selected intake.
  • If the intake chosen by the student is complete, the possibility of joining the following intake will be offered.

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