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Sessions Typology

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In this section, you will find information about the sessions typology and the Course Design Rules.


Undergraduate and Master IN-PERSON PROGRAMS (Face to Face, Full Time or Part Time)

As a general rule for all In-Person programs (Face to Face), all sessions must be scheduled as Live in-person sessions by default, exams included.

Asynchronous sessions will be voluntary in some programs up to a maximum of 20% of the course and will require an academic supervision process (see detailed table below).

Asynchronous sessions – supervision process required (before uploading the syllabus)

In order to ensure academic quality, if a professor wants to include asynchronous sessions in their course instead of Live in-person sessions, coordination with their area director (or coordinator designated) is required.

In the process of approving the syllabi, area directors (or coordinators designated) will double check especially the quality of the teaching activities proposed for the asynchronous sessions.

Once the course has started, no request for a change in the format of the sessions will be accepted except in the case of proven force majeure (check below).

Exceptions (once classes have started)

Exceptionally, once classes have started and in case of proven force majeure, a professor may request a special permission to switch a Live in-person session to a Live online session. In this case they must provide a justification to their program experience manager who must grant an explicit approval.

All Preprograms

Business School Core Preprograms (Accounting, Excel, Q. Methods, Economics, Finance, Software)

  • As a general rule all precourses sessions must be scheduled as Asynchronous sessions for in person programs.
  • As a general rule all precourses sessions must be scheduled as Discussion forum for blended programs.
  • Exceptionally could include Live online or Live in-person sessions, by request of Program Management.

Bachelor Preprograms (LPT, Maths)

  • Language Proficiency Track sessions must be scheduled as live in person.
  • Math Preprograms must be scheduled as live online.


Blended programs can have Live in-person sessions (F2F periods), Live online sessions and Discussion forums.

As a general rule, asynchronous sessions should not be included in Blended programs (with preprograms exception). Discussion forum is not considered under the Asynchronous category.

All Electives

For all In-Person programs (Face to Face), all elective sessions must be scheduled as Live in-person sessions by default. Exceptionally, electives fully online (with live online, discussion forum or asynchronous session will be requested by Program Management).

For all Blended programs, all elective sessions must be scheduled as Live online and/or Discussion forum sessions by default.


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